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Scene from ANIMALS UNITED (photo © Constantin Film Verlieh GmbH)

The animals in the African savannah are confused: where has all the water gone? It should have come gushing in from a mountain canyon a long time ago. Their thirst and worries continue to grow, especially since the only little water hole is being closely guarded by ferocious buffaloes and rhinos. The brave little meerkat Billy and the peace-loving lion Socrates take off in search of water. They encounter the Gallic rooster Charles, who single-handedly led a polar bear, a kangaroo, a Tasmanian devil, and two Galapagos turtles to Africa, where they are now hoping for a better life in the Okavango Delta. But even this last reserve has been taken over by humans. The hotel owner Smith had a huge dam built and is wasting all the water for a luxury hotel. And of all places, it is here that politicians are holding a conference about the protection of the environment. So, the animals answer to this with their own conference: elephant Angie calls on everything that can run, fly, trample or crawl to defend themselves, in what becomes the kick-off to a turbulent offensive full of beastly tricks.

Holger Tappe studied at the Berlin Academy of Photography and the Hanover Academy of New Media Design. He then worked as a photo designer and cameraman for music videos, advertisements, cyber games, large projections and trade fairs. In 1999, he founded Ambient Entertainment, specializing in 3D animation, CGI film production and digital post-production. His film BACK TO GAYA (2004) was the first completely digitally produced German animation film. After IMPY'S ISLAND (2006) and IMPY'S WONDERLAND (2008), ANIMALS UNITED is the third CGI animation film that he and Reinhard Klooss have made together.

Reinhard Klooss studied Comparative Literature in Marburg and London before he started working as a freelance writer for radio, print and television media. He entered the film industry in 1986. He has participated as a producer, author and director on over 20 German and international movies, including GO TRABI GO (1991), COMEDIAN HARMONISTS (1997), ASTERIX AND OBELIX VS CAESAR (1999), and BUFFALO SOLDIERS ((2002). He was part of the General Management of Bavaria Film, Studio Babelsberg, and Odeon Film before he joined Constantin Film in 2006. After IMPY'S ISLAND (2006) and IMPLY'S WONDERLAND (2008), ANIMALS UNITED is his third CGE animation movie as writer, producer and diretor.
Genre Animation
Category Feature
Year of Production 2010
Directors Holger Tappe, Reinhard Klooss
Screenplay Reinhard Klooss, Oliver Huzly
David Newman
Henning Ahlers
Producers Reinhard Klooss, Holger Tappe, Martin Moszkowicz
Production Company Constantin Film Produktion, in co-production with Ambient Entertainment/Hanover, White Horse Pictures/Hanover
Length 90 min
Format color
Original Version
 German, English
Festivals Tokyo Children's Film Festival 2011
Awards Bavarian Film Prize 2010 (Best Children's Film), Grand Prix & Audience Award Tokyo 2011
With backing from German Federal Film Board, FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, German Federal Film Fund, Nordmedia, Land Niedersachsen/N Bank

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