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You Are My Hero

You Are My Hero
Scene from “You Are My Hero” (photo © Tobias Bilgeri)

Time and time again the brave knight takes off into battle. Even though his sword actually smells like tomato juice upon each of his triumphal returns, his wife remains loyal to her hero. Not until he takes off for battle one day without his sword does she get suspicious and look further into the situation at hand.

Tobias Bilgeri was born in 1978 in Bayreuth. After completing his first animated short with an 8 mm camera in 2000, he never stopped making his own films and commercial works. Since 2003 he has been studying Animation at the Kassel School of Art and Design. His films include: the animated shorts: Je veux rester (2006), About Love, Hate and the Other One (2008), and You Are My Hero (2009).
Genre History, Animation, Drama
Category Short
Year of Production 2009
Director Tobias Bilgeri
Screenplay Tobias Bilgeri
Tobias Bilgeri
Roman Beilharz
Tobias Bilgeri
Animation Tobias Bilgeri, Raphael Wahl
Producer Tobias Bilgeri
Voice Sophia Baron
Production Company Kunsthochschule Kassel
Length 8 min
Format 35 mm, color
Original Version
Sound Technology Dolby Digital
Festivals Molodist Kiev 2009, Atlantic Film Festival 2009, Kassel 2009
Awards Special Mention Kassel 2009
With backing from German Federal Film Board, Hessische Filmfoerderung

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Tobias Bilgeri
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34121 Kassel/Germany
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