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Truck Stop Grill

Truck Stop Grill
Scene from "Truck Stop Grill" (photo © Greb + Neckermann Filmproduktion)

Protagonist Axel Prahl dreams of making it big in the sausage market. Highly motivated, he tries to boost his business, but selling sausages turns out to be more difficult than expected. The likeable owner not only has to find the perfect location for his eatery, he also needs to refine his selling strategies. He sets his business in motion in a slightly unconventional way.
Genre Comedy
Category Short
Year of Production 2006
Director Daniel Seideneder
Screenplay Daniel Seideneder
Cinematography Harald Capota, Benjamin Bernhard
Sven Ritzowski
Alexander Sonntag, Tillmann Hoehn
Cast Axel Prahl, Frank Scherer, Christoph Schmidt
Producers Stefanie Greb, Arndt Neckermann
Runtime 6 min
Format 35 mm, color
Subtitled Version English
Festivals Karlovy Vary 2007

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