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A documentary about the worldwide destruction of food. Why do we throw away so much? And how can we stop this kind of waste?

Amazing but true: On the way from the farm to the dining-room table, more than half the food lands on the dump. Most of it before it ever reaches consumers. For instance every other head of lettuce or potato. Why are ever-greater quantities being destroyed? We seek explanations: from supermarket sales staff and managers, from bakers, wholesale market inspectors, welfare recipients, ministers, farmers and EU bureaucrats. It’s a system that we all take part in: Supermarkets constantly have the complete selection of merchandise on offer, the bread on the shelves has to be fresh until late in the evening and everything has to look just right: One withered leaf of lettuce, a crack in a potato or a dent in an apple and the goods are sorted out; containers of yogurt as early as two days before the ‘sell by’ date has expired.

Agriculture is responsible for more than a third of the greenhouse gases worldwide because farming requires energy, fertilizers and land. What’s more, whenever food rots away at a garbage dump, methane escapes into the atmosphere, a climate gas with an effect 25 times as powerful as carbon dioxide. In other words, when we waste half of our food that has a disastrous impact on the world climate.

A documentary about global food waste and what we can do about it.
Genre Environment/Ecology, Society
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2011
Director Valentin Thurn
Screenplay Valentin Thurn
Cinematography Roland Breitschuh
Producers Valentin Thurn, Astrid Vandekerkhove
Production Companies Thurn Film/Cologne, Schnittstelle/Cologne
Runtime 88 min
 German, French, English, Japanese, Italian
Subtitled Versions English, German, French, Spanish
Festivals  Berlin 2011, CinemAmbiente Torino 2011, Seoul Int. Youth Film Festival 2011, Montreal World Film Festival 2011, Cambridge Film Festival 2011, Int. Scientific Film Festival Szolnok 2011, Vancouver Film Fest 2011, ECOFILM Czech Republic 2011, Beirut International Film Festival 2011, Abu Dhabi Filim Festival 2011, SunChild Int. Environmental Festival 2011, ekotopfilm 2011, Sichuan TV Festival 2011, One World Festival Berlin 2011, INPUT Film Festival Kaohsiung 2011, Santa Barbara Int. Film Festival 2012, Victoria Film Festival 2012, Environmental Film FEstival Washington D.C. 2012, San Francisco Green Film Festival 2012, Green Film Festival Seoul 2012, UK Green Film Festival 2012
With backing from Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, Creative Europe MEDIA

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