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FAMILY SHOTS tells the story of a young couple and the challenges they face with their newborn baby while trying to do everything just the right way. The happily-ever-after love story of David and his girlfriend Jessica takes a turn when their daughter is born: They become chronically exhausted, have to deal with constantly recurring colds and childhood illnesses while at the same time they try to keep the household together and ambitiously follow their successful film careers. The worst is yet to come when they realize they absolutely do not agree on the issue of vaccination. David never really questioned this common practice while Jessica had negative experiences and is afraid it may have serious side effects on their baby. How should they deal with their shared responsibility for Zaria and reach a sensible joint decision – when both believe they are right?
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2017
Director David Sieveking
Cinematography Adrian Stähli, Kaspar Köpke
Producer Martin Heisler
Co-Producer Carl-Ludwig Rettinger
Production Company Flare Film, in co-production with Lichtblick Film
Runtime 95 min
Format DCP, color, 1:1.78
 German, English
Sound Technology Dolby
Festivals DOK Leipzig 2017
With backing from Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, German Federal Film Board, German Federal Film Fund, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, HessenFilm und Medien

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