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A man who receives a treasure map by accident is now looking for the treasure. Whilst searching he has to deal with gangsters, a devious widow, a corrupt policeman and a pretty policewoman – no, she doesn’t matter.

Erik Schmitt was born in 1980 in Mainz. He studied Communications in Munich, Melbourne and Berlin. After extensive travels around the world and his first cinematographic work experience, he founded Kamerapferd together with Stephan Müller. His films include: HOW TO FLY HIGH (NICHT NUR DER HIMMEL IST BLAU, short, 2009), SOLARTAXI - AROUND THE WORLD WITH THE SUN (doc, 2010), NOW FOLLOWS (NUN SEHEN SIE FOLGENDES, short, 2010), MY MIND WANDERS (ICH SCHWEIFE AB, short, 2012), RHINO FULL THROTTLE (NASHORN IM GALOPP, short, 2013), TELEKOMMANDO (short, 2014), FOREVER (short, 2014), and his feature debut CLEO - IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME (2019).
Genre Fiction, Crime
Category Short
Year of Production 2016
Director Erik Schmitt
Screenplay Erik Schmitt
Cinematography Johannes Louis
Cast Florian Busch, Maxim Mehmet, Marleen Lohse, Folke Renken, Beate Maes, Bertan Canbeldek, Vasili Trigoudis, Florian Zumkehr, Erik Hansen
Producers Fabian Gasmia, Henning Kamm
Production Company DETAiLFILM
Length 4 min 36 sec
Format DCP, color, b&w, cs
Original Version
Sound Technology 5.1
Festivals Vertical Filmfestival Blackheath 2016, Shorts at Moonlight 2016, SoundTrack Cologne 2016, Seoul Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival 2016, Vertikale Bad Gastein 2016, Verti Films Prague 2016, St. Cloud Film Fest 2016, interfilm Berlin 2016, Slim Cinema New York 2016, Shorcutz Berlin 2017, Saarbrücken 2017, Landshut 2017, Regensburg 2017, Dresden 2017, Warsaw 2017, Cambridge 2017, Molodist Kyiv 2018
Awards Special Jury Award - Verti Films Prague 2016, Short Tiger 2017

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