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photo © Parnass Film

This is architecture for the 21st century. The series UP TO THE SKY presents the latest and most outstanding skyscrapers worldwide. Four new episodes featuring new towers in Tokyo, Seoul, Chicago and Munich.

Never before have so many people lived in cities as in the beginning of the 21st century. In Asia, mega-cities with 10, 15 or even 20 million habitants keep growing. Anonymous high-rise buildings dominate their skylines. In a world of rapid urbanization architecture is facing new challenges. But some architects are working on new concepts. Their buildings provide new ideas for the future and offer new solutions for living and working.

In Seoul stands the Missing Matrix, a high-rise building with private gardens and bridges. In Tokyo the skyscraper has become a school, with class rooms at a height of 200 meters. The Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower is a vertical campus for 10,000 students. And since 2009 the Aqua has been causing a sensation in the Chicago skyline. Its façade seems to flow like waves from the nearby Lake Michigan, and balconies wrap all around the building.
Genre Architecture, Art, Educational
Category Documentary, Mini-Series
Year of Production 2012
Directors Sabine Pollmeier, Joachim Haupt
Screenplay Sabine Pollmeier
Cast Minsuk Cho, Jeanne Gang, Paul Noritaka Tange, Matthias Sauerbruch
Producer Joachim Haupt
Production Company Parnass Film, in co-production with ARTE, ZDF, SBS TV Australia
Runtime 104 min
Format HDCAM, DVC ProHD, color, 16:9
Dubbed Versions German, French

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