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Yesterday Is Today (Gestern ist heute)

Yesterday Is Today

"Everything is new and old". These lines from a well-known Romanian poem are an apt description of the present situation in Romania: change and stagnation, hope and resignation paradoxically go hand in hand. Nearly seven years after CeausescuÍs violent downfall, economic and political reforms are haphazard, limited to the cities. Life in the countryside has hardly changed. Now, there are mainly old people living in the country, having to fend for themselves. Their lives didnÍt become any easier in the wake of 1989, quite on the contrary: prices for everyday articles have risen, but the rents of 10 to 20 marks per month are the same. There is not enough money for basic needs. To survive, they continue doing what they have done all their lives: work from dawn to dusk - until they die. The film portrays four families who for generations have been living as peasants and craftsmen in Siebenbuergen.
Genre Society
Category Documentary
Year of Production 1996
Director Wolfgang Ettlich
Screenplay Wolfgang Ettlich
Cinematography Hans-Albrecht Lusznat
Christina Warnck
Hans-Juergen Hufeisen
Producer Wolfgang Ettlich
Production Company Mediengruppe Schwabing, Munich
Runtime 80 min
Format 16 mm, b&w
Festivals Hof 1996
German Distributor MGS Filmproduktion/Munich

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Wolfgang Ettlich
Georgenstrasse 121
80797 Munich/Germany
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