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photo © Désirée von Trotha/Cindigofilm

WOODSTOCK IN TIMBUKTU - THE ART OF RESISTANCE is a full-length feature documentary for the cinema. A brave music festival in Sahara, trying to protect its nomadic culture, while fighting against the ominous clouds of an approaching war.

In January 2011, the international Festival au Desert took place over three days in the dunes of Timbuktu, Mali, in West Africa. Hosted by the Tuareg or Kel Tamasheq, as they call themselves, the festival is the ideal setting for an encounter with this legendary people. Through intimate insight into nomadic life and ancient traditions, the Kel Tamasheq tell us of their plight, their fears and their fight for survival.

Mali is one of the poorest nations of the world and to maintain peace in an insecure political environment is the ambitious goal of the Festival au Desert. The extraordinarily gifted musicians of the Kel Tamasheq find inspiring ways to face this challenge and the film follows three bands from different regions, each telling their unique story.

Alongside great Saharan music, the film captures the mesmerizing beauty of the Saharan landscapes and its people. You will get to know the Kel Tamasheq, a highly spirited, cultivated and elegant Sahara people, who will open up new horizons and leave a deep imprint on your heart.
Genre Adventure, Art, Current Affairs, History, Music
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2012
Director Désirée von Trotha
Screenplay Désirée von Trotha
Cinematography Britta Mangold
Producers Nicole Joens, Philip Joens
Co-Producer Jutta Krug
Production Company CindigoFilm/Munich, in co-production with WDR
Length 92 min
Format DCP, Blu-ray, DVD, color, 1:1.78
Original Version
Subtitled Versions English, German
Festivals ArtFIFA Montreal 2013, FESPACO Burkina Faso 2013
Awards FBW Documentary of the Month Oct 2012
With backing from FilmFernsehFonds Bayern

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