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Winterflower (Winterblume)


Mehmut Umut, a Turkish immigrant whose residence permit has expired, is woken early one morning by the police and is led away. He is deported from Germany the same day and sent back to Turkey. His wife and little son are left behind. Mehmet survives in Istanbul with temporary jobs as a warehouseman, waiter, etc.. He applies for an entry visa. When the application is rejected for no reason after many days of him waiting, Mehmet gets the tip to get in touch with an underworld organisation active in the illegal smuggling of human beings. A dangerous journey begins ...

Kadir Sözen was born in Turkey in 1964 and emigrated to Germany in 1969. He studied Economics from 1986-1990 and worked at the same time as a freelance journalist and scriptwriter for several TV stations. He was awarded the IG Metall's Feature Prize in 1988 for his feature Zwischen Bottrop and Bosporus - Heimweh auf tuerkisch and WDR produced his first screenplay, Yearning (Sehnsucht), in 1990. His directorial debut, Freezing Nights (Kalte Naechte, 1994), won five awards at the Adana Film Festival and two at the Ankara Film Festival for Best Director and Best Script, and the FIPRESCI Special Prize at Istanbul. His other films include: Winterflower (Winterblume, 1996) and Gott ist tot (2002).
Category Feature
Director Kadir Sözen
Screenplay Kadir Sözen
Cinematography Franz Rath
Mevlut Kocak
Orhan Temur
Cast Menderes Samancilar, Meral Yuezguelec, Cengiz Sezici
Producer Kadir Sözen
Production Company FILMFABRIK/Cologne, in co-production with WDR
Length 107 min
Format 35 mm, color
Dubbed Versions Geman
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Festivals Goeteborg 97, Berlin 97: German Films
With backing from Filmbuero NW
German Distributor Ventura Film/Berlin