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Scene from THE WEISSENSEE SAGA (photo © ARD/Julia Terjung)

This sweeping family saga recounts a Romeo & Juliet story behind the Berlin Wall, when young policeman Martin from a loyal party family falls in love with beautiful young trouble-maker Julia from a dissident family. It is the timeless story of two lovers’ struggle against prejudices and social and political odds.

Two families in 1980s East Germany, who could hardly be more unlike each other: The Kupfers and the Hausmanns. The Kupfers are a big cog in the Communist system, father Hans and eldest son Falk are officers in the notorious Stasi secret service. Martin, the youngest, is a cop. The Hausmanns, in contrast, are from a dissident background. Mother Dunja is under surveillance as a folk singer, pretty daughter Julia already has a record as being politically unreliable at school. But both families become fatefully and dangerously intertwined when Martin falls in love with Julia, shattering the foundations on which both families have erected their lives. The young couple will have to take on the world and both their families to see their love through.

Friedemann Fromm was born in Stuttgart in 1963 and studied at the University of Television & Film in Munich. His films include: CARAMBOLAGE (short, 1985), RAMSCH MIT HATT'N (documentary, 1986), BORDERLINE (documentary, 1987), EINS ZU EINS (short, 1989), FREISPIEL (1991), the Tatort episode KLASSENKAMPF (TV, 1993/94), EINE MÖRDERISCHE LIEBE and BRÜDER AUF LEBEN UND TOD (TV, both 1995), the Tatort episodes PERFECT MIND and SPIEL UM DEIN LEBEN (TV, both 1996), GOOD ENOUGH TO DIE FOR (ZUM STERBEN SCHÖN, TV, 1997), PARADISE MALL (SCHLARAFFENLAND, 1999), BRENNENDES SCHWEIGEN (TV, 2000), the Tatort episode UND DAHINTER LIEGT NEW YORK (TV, 2001), and THE WEISSENSEE SAGA (TV, 2010), among others.
Genre Drama, History
Category Mini-Series
Year of Production 2010
Director Friedemann Fromm
Screenplay Annette Hess
Cast Florian Lukas, Hannah Herzsprung, Uwe Kockisch, Katrin Sass
Production Company Ziegler Film for ARD Degeto
Length 6 min
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