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THE VISIBLE AND THE INVISIBLE (photo © Moana Film/Rudolf Thome)

Marquand and Maria are painters and lovers who live together. After Marquand wins an important prize, with a considerable amount of money attached, his creativity wanes. As Maria works on series of paintings, Marquand visits his friend Gregor, a horse breeder and philosopher, sleeps with the angelic Angie and visits his daughter Lucia several times. Marquand and Lucia, who have begun a tender affair, spend a few nights in a hotel on the coast where they agree not to speak a word. Maria, who has no idea, knows all the same. Their love is over. She abruptly stops work on her series, starts on a new painting titled 'The Visible and the Invisible', and goes back to her old lover, Gregor. Back from his short trip, Marquand paints a final painting, well aware that the 40 pills in his bottle of vodka will have the desired effect...

Rudolf Thome was born in Wallau/Lahn in 1939 and studied German, Philosophy and History in Munich and Bonn. He began writing film reviews in 1962 for various newspapers and magazines. In 1964, he collaborated with Max Zihlmann and Klaus Lemke on his first short film, DIE VERSÖHNUNG. He then became managing director of the Munich Film Critics' Club in 1965 and founded his own production company, Moana-Film, in 1977. He received the 2nd place Guild Award in the category Best German Film for BERLIN CHAMISSOPLATZ in 1981, and the International Film Critics' Award in Montreal in 1989 for his film THE PHILOSOPHER. His film PARADISO (1999) won a Silver Bear at Berlin in 2000. His other films include: STELLA (1966), RED SUN (ROTE SONNE, 1969), SUPERGIRL (1971), MADE IN GERMANY AND USA (1974), LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT (LIEBE AUF DEN ERSTEN BLICK, 1991), DAS GEHEIMNIS (1995), JUST MARRIED (1998), VENUS TALKING (2001), RED AND BLUE (ROT UND BLAU, 2002), WOMAN DRIVING, MAN SLEEPING (FRAU FÄHRT, MAN SCHLÄFT, 2003), YOU TOLD ME YOU LOVE ME (DU HAST GESAGT, DASS DU MICH LIEBST, 2005), SMOKE SIGNS (RAUCHZEICHEN, 2006), THE VISIBLE AND THE INVISIBLE (DAS SICHTBARE UND DAS UNSICHTBARE, 2007), PINK (2008), and THE RED ROOM (DAS ROTE ZIMMER, 2010).
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 2007
Director Rudolf Thome
Screenplay Rudolf Thome
Cinematography Fred Kelemen
Doerte Voelz-Mammarella
Wolfgang Boehmer
Susanna Cardelli
Cast Rebecca Rudolph, Anna Lebinsky, Rufus Beck, Stefanie Rosse, Hansa Czypionka, Anna Kubin, Hannelore Elsner, Guntram Brattia, Michael Scherff
Producer Rudolf Thome
Production Company Moana-Film/Berlin
Length 118 min
Format 35 mm, color
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby SRD
Festivals Munich 2007, Montreal 2007, Berlin 2008 (German Cinema)
With backing from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg
German Distributors 24 Bilder Filmagentur/Munich, STUDIOCANAL/Berlin

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