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Village in Europe, A (Dorf in Europa, Ein)

Village in Europe, A
Scene from "A Village in Europe" (photo © Livio de Lucca)

Like a microcosm, the small village north of Rome mirrors the processes which characterize the development and growing together of the countries of Europe.

The village remained almost completely cut off from the rest of the world until World War II. After the war, people from the impoverished south of Italy came to the Rome area. Today almost no one lives off agriculture anymore; most of the villagers work in Rome. The village, in turn, attracts more and more Romans and foreigners: The parish priest now counts people from over 20 nations among his parishioners. These include several hundred people from Eastern Europe, most of whom are trying to eke out a living on the gray labor market.

Are there any integration mechanisms or do inner barriers develop? Can the social networks of the village community carry the new burdens? The film tries to preserve what the people of Mazzano value about their history while simultaneously asking them about the changes which are calling into question acquired rights and convictions.

Robert Krieg was born in 1949 in Bad Ems. After studying Sociology, Journalism and Ethnology, he began teaching at the Dortmund Polytechnic and the universities in Osnabrueck and Bielefeld. From 1977-1982, he was involved in social research on the topics of Marginalisation and Migration. In 1983, he started writing and directing documentaries and television reports and in 1997 co-founded World TV with Monika Nolte. A selection of his films includes: Intifada (1989), On the Borderline (Besetzter Traum, 1991), Letter from Cuba (Carta de Cuba, 1992), I Came to Palestine (Ich kam nach Palastina, 1998), Adiós General (1999), Europe Was So Close - Novi Sad in the Year After the Nato Bombs (Europa war so nah - Novi Sad nach den Nato-Bomben, 2000), White Gold - The Salt of the Desert (Weisses Gold - Das Salz der Wueste, 2001), The Provinces, the Revolt and Life Thereafter (Die Provinz, die Revolte und das Leben danach, 2004), Unworthy of Life (Lebensunwert, 2005), and A Village in Europe (Ein Dorf in Europa, 2007), among others.
Genre Educational, History, Society
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2007
Director Robert Krieg
Screenplay Robert Krieg, Monika Nolte
Cinematography Peter Petrides
Robert Krieg, Monika Nolte
Michael Goetz
Producer Monika Nolte
Production Company World TV Krieg & Nolte
Length 86 min
Format color
Original Version
Subtitled Version German
Sound Technology Mono
With backing from Film- und Medienstiftung NRW

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