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Simon Grünberg is going to have his Bar Mitzvah – to finally have his alliance with Abraham. His parents have separated, that’s why Simon lives on a rotating basis with his faithful father Frank or with his cosmopolitan mother Hannah. No surprise that any meeting includes apocalyptic disputes. Hannah writes erotic love stories, even more enthusiastically since the split. On the other hand, Frank becomes more and more religious and practices the Jewish rules and rituals ever more consistently. So his dearest wish is to make sure his son’s Bar Mitzvah is perfectly carried out. Simon’s life undergoes a fateful turn, however, when he falls deeply in love with his new rabbi Rebecca, who inconveniently is 20 his senior. But there is one thing Simon is sure about: “For everything in life there is a replacement. Not for my first love, though. That’s what the wise men in the Talmud say.” Together with his friends, Clemens and Ben, Simon decides, according to all Machiavellian rules of war, to win Rebecca’s heart.

Viviane Andereggen was born in 1985 and studied Post-Industrial Design, Media Studies and Ethnology in Basel and Film Directing in Hamburg. Also active as a freelance photographer and a video artist at numerous theaters, her award-winning films include: GROSS STATT KLEIN (TV, 2012), FÜR LOTTE (short, 2013), HABIB UND DER HUND (short, 2013), SCHULD UM SCHULD (short, 2013), SIMON SAGT AUF WIEDERSEHEN ZU SEINER VORHAUT (TV, 2014), HATTINGER UND DER NEBEL (2014), KEIN HERZ FÜR INDER (2015), RUFMORD (TV, 2016), and DIE DREI !!! (2019).
Genre Children & Youth, Comedy, Family Entertainment
Category TV Movie, Feature
Year of Production 2015
Director Viviane Andereggen
Screenplay Georg Lippert
Cinematography Judith Kaufmann
Cast Florian Stetter, Lavinia Wilson, Catherine De Léan, Maximilian Ehrenreich
Producers Lars Büchel, Bernd T. Hoefflin
Production Company element e filmproduktion/Hamburg
Length 82 min
Format Blu-ray, DCP, DVD, color, 1:1.78
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Stereo
With backing from Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, Nordmedia

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