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Stranger (Als der Fremde kam)

Scene from "Stranger" (photo © Colonia Media)

Anne and Mathias Wernicke have been married for twenty years and lead a calm and eventless life in a small village that could be nearly everywhere in Germany. Mathias and son Uli are both factory workers; Anne works as a cook in the same company. The family finds out that the factory will be dismissing most of the employees, even though the company is doing financially well. Compensations and social welfare packages are promised in order to help moderate the company's decisions. Dr. Robert Stubenrauch, a trade unionist, arrives on the scene to help support the employees. While staying at the Wernicke's house, he falls in love with Anne. He tries to ignore his feelings, particularly since he has also become close friends with Mathias and Uli. But his feelings for Anne give him the strength and motivation to really make things happen like he did 30 years ago. He advises the workers to go on strike: a decision that has serious consequences. Anne too begins to fall in love with Robert and leaves Mathias. But not only Mathias, the other workers also feel left by the wayside...

Andreas Kleinert was born in 1962 in Berlin. He worked as a props assistant and intern at the DEFA feature film studios and was an assistant director to filmmakers like Rainer Simon and Hermann Zschoche. He studied Directing at the \"Konrad Wolf\" University of Film & Television in Babelsberg from 1984-1989 and graduated with Farewell, Joseph (Lebewohl, Joseph, 1989), which was nominated for a Student Oscar. A selection of his other award-winning films includes: Lost Landscape (Verlorene Landschaft, 1992), Outside Time (Neben der Zeit, 1995), In the Name of Innocence (Im Namen der Unschuld, 1997), Paths in the Night (Wege in die Nacht, 1999), Ich moechte Zeugnis ablegen bis zum Letzten (TV, 1999), Kelly Bastian - Geschichte einer Hoffnung (TV, 2001), Coming Home (Mein Vater, TV, 2003), Stranger (Der Fremde kam, TV, 2005), Hurenkinder (TV, 2006), Head Under Water (Freischwimmer (2007), Haus und Kind (2008), and Boundaries (Barriere, 2010).
Genre Drama

Year of Production 2005
Director Andreas Kleinert
Screenplay Andreas Kleinert, Hans Werner Honert
Cinematography Johann Feindt
Gisela Zick
Andreas Hoge
Stefan Schoenberg
Cast Goetz George, Dagmar Manzel, Gudrun Ritter, Christian Redl, Aljoscha Stadelmann
Producer Sonja Goslicki
Production Company Colonia Media Filmproduktion/Cologne
Length 90 min
Format Super 16, color
Original Version
Sound Technology Stereo
Festivals Baden-Baden 2005

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