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THE DUMPSTER KID is an artistic creation: in every story, society forces her to learn something. But she, fully grown from the moment of her birth, unquestionably learns more than is called for. This extra knowledge, which is not wanted by society, regularly brings her into danger. Dumpster Kid dies in each story and across each genre. Her stories are set in a whole range of different time periods.

Ula Stöckl was born in 1938 in Ulm. After studying Languages in Paris and London, she studied at the Institute for Film of the Ulm Academy of Design. Her film THE CAT HAS NINE LIVES (1968) is considered to be the first feminist film in the Federal Republic of Germany, followed by such classic women’s films like ERIKA’S PASSIONS (1976) and DER SCHLAF DER VERNUNFT (1984). A selection of her other highly-acclaimed films includes: THE GOLDEN THING (1971), EIN GANZ PERFEKTES EHEPAAR (1974), A WOMAN WITH RESPONSIBILITIES (1978), DAS ALTE LIED (1992), DIE WILDE BÜHNE (1993), and DIE WIDERSTÄNDIGEN “ALSO MACHEN WIR WEITER” (2015).

Edgar Reitz was born in 1932 in Morbach and earned degrees Theater and Art History. He was a member of the Oberhausen Group in 1962 and, together with filmmaker Alexander Kluge, co-founder of the Institute for Film in 1963 at the Ulm Academy of Design. A selection of his numerous and highly-acclaimed films includes: MAHLZEITEN (1966), DIE REISE NACH WIEN (1973), DIE STUNDE NULL (1976), DER SCHNEIDER VON ULM (1978), HEIMAT (1982-1984), DIE ZWEITE HEIMAT (1985-1992), DIE NACHT DER REGISSEURE (1994), HEIMAT 3 (2004), HEIMAT - FRAGMENTE (2006), and DIE ANDERE HEIMAT (2013), among others.
Genre Art, Experimental
Category Feature
Year of Production 2018
Directors Ula Stöckl, Edgar Reitz
Screenplay Ula Stöckl, Edgar Reitz
Cinematography Edgar Reitz
Cast Kristine de Loup, Alf Brustellin, Heidewig Fankhänel, Josette Genet-Bollinger, Werner Herzog
Producer Edgar Reitz
Production Company Edgar Reitz Filmproduktion
Length 220 min
Format DCP, color, b&w
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
Festivals Berlinale 1971, Edinburgh 1977, Berlinale 2018 (Forum), Sevilla 2018
With backing from German Federal Film Board

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