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Searching For Life (Suche nach Leben)

Searching For Life

Hans Eppendorfer begins his daily walk through St. Pauli at 6 o'clock today. The dirt of the night is still sticking to the steaming concrete of this mile of lust and despair. Eppendorfer's gait is heavy, but upright; every step is a step of truth, and in this knowledge, he opens the door to his world of the past. With the opening of each door, we enter a story from Hans Eppendorfer's life. To the court-room where he was charged with murder as a sixteen year-old, to Egypt where a 15 year-old street boy brought him to the "key of life". Eppendorfer's stories come alive through his vivid narration and the rendering of these stories in staged re-enactments.
Category Docu-Fiction
Director Peter Kern
Screenplay Peter Kern
Cinematography Sven Kierst
Jean Christoph Burger
Hamid Baroudi, City No Mad
Cast Josef Bierbichler, Evelyn Kuenneke, Andréa Ferreol, Hans Eppendorfer, Laura Simon
Producers Peter Kern, Joao Pedrosa
Production Company Alma Film/Hamminkeln, in co-production with Mira Filmproduktion
Runtime 85 min
Format 35 mm, color
Sound Technology Dolby Stereo
With backing from Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein

World Sales
Alma Film
Peter Kern
Isseldeich 21
46499 Hamminkeln/Germany
phone +49-1 72-2 60 55 74