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Imagine a world where everything you know is being questioned and old stereotypes are being broken. PINK ME BLUE is playing with what we think we know, but maybe things could be different if we open our minds to a new world.

PINK ME BLUE criticizes beauty standards and gender rules we have and quietly accept in our society in a humorous kind of way. Why do people buy pink clothes and toys straight away when a baby girl is born and why do they decide for blue without thinking further about it when it's a baby boy? How come everyone is constantly trying to look as young as possible? Who determines what’s attractive or not? PINK ME BLUE shows a world, in which things are exactly the other way around: men wear pink, women wear blue and looking as old as possible is considered beautiful.
Genre Animation, Love Story, Science Fiction
Category Short
Year of Production 2019
Director Natalie MacMahon
Screenplay Natalie MacMahon
Cinematography Amber Palmer
Cast Oussama Cherief, Loryn White, Marco Montes, Natalie MacMahon, Sean Lee
Producer Natalie MacMahon
Production Company MacMahon Films
Length 9 min
Format DCP, color, 1:1.78
Original Version
Subtitled Versions German, Spanish, Italian, French
Festivals Beveren 2019, Miami Independent FF 2019, Canada Shorts 2019, Spotlight Short Film Awards 2019, First Friday Kansas City 2020
Awards Award of Commendation Canada Shorts 2019, Silver Award Spotlight Short Film Awards 2019
German Distributor MacMahon Media

World Sales
MacMahon Films

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