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Orson Welles - The One-Man Band (Orsen Welles - The One-Man Band)

Orson Welles - The One-Man Band

When Orson Welles, enfant terrible and creator of some of the greatest works in film history, died in 1985, The Other Side of the Wind remained unfinished: this was the film that, born in Welles‚ last decade, became a myth; this was the film that was to be his belated master-piece. And yet Welles bequeathed his longtime companion Oja Kodar a wealth of other, unedited films and fragments, that offer undreamt-of intimate insights into Welles' undying creativity. Today, ten years later, the semi-documentary film Orson Welles - The One-Man Band tells the story of this extraordinary filmmaker‚s last years. Welles' futile efforts to complete The Other Side of the Wind weaves like a red thread through a great part of his previously unedited fragments, now made accessible, now telling their own stories. Orson Welles - The One-man Band includes excerpts from The Deep, Merchant of Venice, The Dreamers, Moby Dick, Tailors, Churchill, Swinging London, The One-Man Band, F For Fake-Trailer, Magic-Show, The-Orson-Welles-Show, Filming the Trial and The Other Side of the Wind.

Vassili Silovic Vassili Silovic was born on 26 June 1964 in Koper (former Yugoslavia). After his education at the Conservatoire Libre du Cinéma Francais in Paris, he went to Munich where he has been working with Medias Res Filmproduktion as an author and director since 1988. Vassili Silovic currently lives in Paris. Films: Joseph Suder (1991), Paul Poiret (1992), Between Cinema and Concert - Portrait of Nino Rota (1993), Orson Welles - The One-Man Band (1995)

Oja Kodar studied sculpture in Zagreb and Paris. She acted in films by Roger Vadim, Jacques Becker and Orson Welles. Oja Kodar was Welles\' companion during his last years and collaborated on the scripts of many unrealised projects. She lives in Zagreb (Croatia). Films: Jaded (1989), A Time To Go (1993), Orson Welles - The One-Man Band (1995).
Category Documentary
Directors Vassili Silovic, Oja Kodar
Screenplay Vassili Silovic, Roland Zag
Cinematography Thomas Mauch
Marie-Josephe Yoyotte
Simon Cloquet
Cast Oja Kodar, Orson Welles
Producer Pit Riethmueller
Production Companies Medias Res Berlin Film- und Fernsehproduktions GmbH, Berlin, Medias Res, Munich, EURAL-MFP/Paris, BOA Filmproduktion/Zurich
Length 90 min
Format 35 mm, color
Original Version
Subtitled Versions German, French
Sound Technology Mono
Festivals Venedig 95: Window on Images
With backing from Bayerische Film- und Fernsehfoerderung; Centre National de la Cinématographie, Schweizer Bundesamt fuer Kultur, MAP-TV

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