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photo © Majestic/Mathias Bothor

Before being shoved into the Sunshine Home for her sunset years, Marguerita wants to go to Rome and see the Pope. She succeeds – but with countless adventures along the way, including a charming con man, a rocker bartender granddaughter, a perpetually worrying daughter and, of course, the Pope!

The fate of Grandma Marguerita is sealed. After the passing of her beloved husband, she is expected to ride off into the sunset, or, in this particular case, into the Sunshine Retirement Home. But before being banished to the realm of walker-pushing oldsters, Marguerita wants to go to Rome and obtain the Pope’s absolution for her sins. And if no one will go with her, she’ll go alone!

Her first stop in Rome is granddaughter Martina’s place. Her family thinks that Martina is working as an au-pair for a strict Catholic family; in reality, she’s living with hard-rock musician Silvio in a run-down flat plastered with obscene graffiti, and working nights as a bartender in a rocker joint. Not surprisingly, she kissed her virginity goodbye a long time ago.

There are many obstacles on the road to salvation, including disabling the Pope with pepper spray… Luckily, Marguerita meets a charming con man, Lorenzo, who saves her from the Vatican dungeons and begins to fall for her. Disaster strikes again, however, when her high-strung daughter Marie arrives in Rome to find her mother in love with a con man, her daughter grown up, and both determined to stay in the Eternal City. And when Marguerita finally tells Marie her big secret, Marie starts to understand why her mother wants a papal blessing so badly...

Tomy Wigand was born in Ludwigsburg. He studied at the University of Television and Film Munich, and initially became known as an editor and scriptwriter before he discovered his true calling as a director. In the 1980s he was the film editor on Roland Emmerich's first three films, which were produced in Germany: DAS ARCHE NOAH PRINZIP (1984), JOEY (1985) and MOON 44 (1990). In the 1990s he co-authored Hans W. Geißendörfer’s acclaimed adaptation of the book by Dürrenmatt, JUSTIZ (1993), and directed his first television material, including the very successful German television series ALARM FÜR COBRA 11 (1994-1996), and the Claussen+Woebke production TWIGGY – LIEBE AUF DIÄT (1998). Wigand had his feature film debut in 2000 with the comedy FUSSBALL IST UNSER LEBEN, a box-office success and winner of multiple awards. His other films include: the adaptation of the Erich Kästner book DAS FLIEGENDE KLASSENZIMMER (2003), a big box-office hit and was awarded the German Film Award, the comedy POLLY BLUE EYES (2005), another film adaptation of a children's book, TKKG UND DIE RÄTSELHAFTE MINDMACHINE, and OMAMAMIA (2012). He is also active as a producer and lectures at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy.
Genre Comedy
Category Feature
Year of Production 2012
Director Tomy Wigand
Screenplay Gabriela Sperl, Jane Ainscough
Cinematography Holly Fink
Cast Marianne Sägebrecht, Annette Frier, Miriam Stein, Giancarlo Giannini, Raz Degan
Producer Gabriela Sperl
Co-Producer Andro Steinborn
Production Company Sperl Productions/Munich, in co-production with Arden Film/Berlin
Length 103 min
Format DCP, color, cs
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
Festivals Zurich 2012
With backing from FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, German Federal Film Board, German Federal Film Fund, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Bayerischer Bankenfonds

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