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Ode To Cologne (Viel passiert - Der BAP Film)

Ode To Cologne
Wim Wenders, Marie Bauemer, Wolfgang Niedecken (photo © Screenworks Cologne GmbH

Wenders and Niedecken: the internationally renowned filmmaker and the successful rock musician got together to make a rock 'n' roll film that breaks all conventions. A gripping collage of current concert recordings and
rare archive photos, enhanced by Niedecken's unique texts and commentaries, as well as guest appearances by Wolf Biermann, Marie Baeumer, Joachim Król and the rock band Anger 77 - a fascinating portrait of a band that even after 20 years of "Cologne rock" is still at the top. Ode to Cologne is a special kind of music film, one that will excite not only BAP fans.

Wim Wenders was born in Düsseldorf in 1945. After discovering his love for cinema in Paris, he attended film school in Munich from 1967-1970. Also active as a photographer and writer, he has made more than 50 films since 1971 all over the world. A selection of his acclaimed films includes: THE GOALKEEPER'S FEAR OF THE PENALTY (1971), ALICE IN THE CITIES (1973), IN THE COURSE OF TIME (1976), THE AMERICAN FRIEND (1977), HAMMETT (1982), THE STATE OF THINGS (1982), PARIS, TEXAS (1984), WINGS OF DESIRE (1987), UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD (1991), FARAWAY, SO CLOSE! (1993), LISBON STORY (1994), THE END OF VIOLENCE (1997), BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB (1998), THE MILLION DOLLAR HOTEL (2000), THE SOUL OF A MAN (2003), LAND OF PLENTY (2004), DON'T COME KNOCKING (2005), PALERMO SHOOTING (2008), PINA (2011), CATHEDRALS OF CULTURE (2013), THE SALT OF THE EARTH (2014), and EVERY THING WILL BE FINE (2015).
Genre Music
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2000
Director Wim Wenders
Screenplay Wim Wenders
Cinematography Phedon Papamichael
Moritz Laube, Igor Patalas
Cast Joachim Król, Wolf Biermann, Marie Bäumer, Willi Laschet, BAP, Anger 77
Producer Olaf Wicke
Production Companies WDR, Screenworks, Cologne, BAP Travelling Tunes Productions/Cologne
Length 96 min
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby Digital
Festivals Berlin 2002 (out of competition), St. Petersburg 2002, Haifa 2002, Sao Paulo 2002, IDFA Amsterdam 2002

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