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Nightwalk (Nightwalk - Jugend der Nacht)


Stories about various young people in Berlin. The most important things for them happen at nighttime. The camera accompanies them to their "secret places" and, at the same time, portrays life during a Berlin night. The film is like a piece of music which takes the viewer on a journey through the night. We meet six "nightwalkers" amidst spotlights, neon lights and disco glitter balls and see how they enjoy life when the music's right. Nicole travels through the town at dusk. An old factory warehouse at the end of the line. Nicole has been learning karate there for the last 10 years. So that she can prove to others that she has an ability and doesn't have to be afraid of attackers. Her boyfriend André works as a cycle-taxi driver. The two see each other mostly in the evenings. The "Candies", the girlfriends Juliane, Robin and Steffi, have made money from their ideas. The three girls have just left school and are dedicating themselves to their favourite occupations: dancing and holding parties. Bass Dee plays "Drum 'n Bass" tracks in clubs. He is a musical genius behind the turntable. He also has his own label with the name "Case Invaders". He works as a DJ and presenter for a radio station.

Director Manfred Wilhelms
Screenplay Manfred Wilhelms
Cinematography Manfred Wilhelms
Manfred Wilhelms
Trance, Drum\'n\' bass
Cast Nicole R. Mueller, André Scala, die \"Candies\", DJ Bass Dee
Producer Manfred Wilhelms
Production Company Lassoband-Filmproduktion/Berlin
Length 128 min
Format 35 mm, color
Original Version
Sound Technology Stereo

World Sales
Manfred Wilhelms
Fuerbringerstrasse 11
10961 Berlin/Germany
phone +49-30-74 30 58 87
fax +49-30-74 30 58 89