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Scene from "Nico-Icon"

She used to be Andy Warhol's mysterious moon goddess. Her extended singing inspired the sound of Velvet Underground. Her beauty and silence fascinated Lou Reed, Jackson Browne, Jim Morrison, Iggy Pop and many others. The name on her birth certificate read "Christa Paeffgen". The girl Christa soon turns into the lean, boyish, "twen" cover girl with the fringe haircut who also appears in Fellini's La Dolce Vita. Her path leads from the New York underground to Philippe Garel's subcultural environment. Like so many of her generation, she believes in heroin, survives the drug for many years and, in the early eighties, becomes an idol of another sort. For her fans, she embodies gloominess and longing for death. When she dies on Ibiza in 1988, the cause of death is a bicycle accident. Her body, which had taken so much, could no longer cope with the withdrawal. The film follows the stages of a restless life: Luebbenau, Berlin, Paris, New York and Manchester. A filmic approach to a cult figure from a collage of meetings, film extracts and music.
Category Documentary
Year of Production 1995
Director Susanne Ofteringer
Screenplay Susanne Ofteringer
Cinematography Judith Kaufmann, Katarzyna Remin
Elfe Brandenburger, Guido Krajewski
Cast John Cale, Tina Aumont, Ari Boulogne, Jackson Browne
Producers Annette Pisacane, Thomas Mertens
Production Company CIAK Filmproduktion, Cologne
Runtime 72 min
Format 35 mm
 English, French, German
Subtitled Versions English, French, German
Festivals Berlin 1995, Marseille 1995 (Vue sur les Docs), Melbourne 1995, San Francisco 1995, Los Angeles 1995, Wellington 1995, Munich 1995, Dunkerque 1995, Toronto 1995, Vancouver 1995, London 1995
With backing from Filmbuero NRW, Berliner Filmfoerderung, MAP TV, EUREKA Audiovisuell, MEDIA-Documentary

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