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It all began so harmlessly ... Sonja is a schoolgirl who enjoys the affection and respect of the whole community. Not without reason, for she belongs to one of the most prominent families in town. What is more, Sonja has won a European essay competition and is awarded the town’s “Silver Medal” by the mayor. Now she is keen to take part in another essay competition, the subject of which is “My Home Town during the Third Reich”. She begins to search for facts but runs up against mistrust and reticence. The municipal archives are reluctant to release the desired documents which makes it impossible for Sonja to enter her essay by the closing date. Years later, after having settled down with her own family in the community, Sonja turns up at the municipal archives again and demands access to the documents. She is no longer a child now, and she is not to be stopped in her determination to find out the truth concerning the history of the town. The town, however, has its own ways and means of silencing Sonja. A life and death struggle ensues.

Michael Verhoeven was born in Berlin in 1938 into an acting and directing family. He studied Medicine in Berlin and Munich and qualified as a doctor in 1969. He appeared as an actor on the stage and screen in the early 50s and 60s and has been working as a screenwriter, producer and director since 1967. His award-winning films include: Dance of Death (Paarungen, 1968), O.K. (1970), A Terrific Exit (Ein unheimlich starker Abgang, 1973), Sunday Children (Sonntagskinder, 1979), The White Rose (Die weisse Rose, 1982), The Nasty Girl (Das schreckliche Maedchen, 1989), My Mother\'s Courage (Mutters Courage, 1995), Zimmer mit Fruehstueck (TV, 1999), Uncovering of a Marriage (Enthuellung einer Ehe, TV, 2000), The Unknown Soldier - What Did You Do in the War, Dad? (Der unbekannte Soldat, 2006), and Human Failure (Menschliches Versagen, 2008).
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 1990
Director Michael Verhoeven
Screenplay Michael Verhoeven
Cinematography Axel de Roche
Cast Lena Stolze, Hans-Reinhard Mueller, Monika Baumgartner, Michael Gahr
Production Company Sentana Filmproduktion/Munich
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
German Distributor STUDIOCANAL/Berlin

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