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Nancy & Frank: A Manhattan Love Story (Nancy und Frank)

Nancy & Frank: A Manhattan Love Story

Adapted from the novel Beyond the Horizon by Hans Werner Kettenbach (Diogenes-Verlag), Nancy and Frank is a romantic urban love story, with road-movie elements, between the American student Nancy, financing her studies as an escort-lady, and the German businessman Frank in the melting pot of today's New York.

Wolf Gremm was born in 1942 in Freiburg, and has collaborated closely with Regina Ziegler since his debut film I Thought I Was Dead (1973). In the 1970s, he directed such successful cinema hits as The Brothers, Death or Freedom and the Erich Kaestner-adaptation Fabian. In the 1980s, he directed After Midnight, No Terraced House for Robin Hood, and the science-fiction thriller Kamikaze (1989) with Rainer Werner Fassbinder in the lead role. He has also written and directed several tele-features and TV series - in addition to such dramas and thrillers as Appointment with Yesterday, I Want to Live, Cliffs of Death, Californian Quartet, Die Inca Connection, Angel's Sin, Only a Dead Man is a Good Man, A Vicious Couple, and Nancy & Frank - A Manhattan Love Story (2000).
Genre Comedy, Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 2001
Director Wolf Gremm
Screenplay Jonathan Brett, Wolf Gremm
Cinematography Egon Werdin
Karola Mittelstaedt
Eduard Krajewski
Cast Gottfried John, Hardy Krueger Jr., Frances Anderson, Robert Wagner
Producers Regina Ziegler, Elke Ried, Rainer Bienger
Production Companies Ziegler Film, Zieglerfilm Koeln, Cinerenta Cinefrank/Potsdam-Munich, in co-production with WDR
Length 93 min
Format 35 mm, color
Dubbed Versions German
Original Version
Sound Technology Dolby SR
With backing from German Federal Film Board

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