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Morning Flirt (Morgenschwarm)

Morning Flirt
Scene from "Morning Flirt" (photo © Thomas Froehlich)

An office worker's daily drag to work is lightened up by the sudden appearance of a lovely woman. From this day on he looks forward to meeting her at the streetcar stop, until one morning she...
Genre Tragicomedy
Category Short
Year of Production 2004
Director Thomas Froehlich
Screenplay Thomas Froehlich
Cinematography Bernd Fischer
Kevin Steiner
Hueseyin Koeroglu
Cast Rainer Reiners, Dana Golombek, Tabea Heyning, Hannibal Stolberg
Producer Thomas Froehlich
Production Company Thomas Froehlich Film/Berlin, in co-production with Les Nouvelles Editions de Films/Paris
Runtime 9 min
 no dialog
Sound Technology Dolby A
Festivals Sopot/Poland 2005 (In Competition), Lubuskie Lato/Poland 2005, No Words Opere/Italy 2005 (In Competition), Dresden 2005 (In Competition), Emden 2005, Short Shorts Tokyo 2007
Awards Best Film Dresden 2005
German Distributor Constantin Film Verleih

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