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Megahospital, The (Megaklinik, Die)

Megahospital, The
Scene from "The Megahospital" (photo © Sisyphos Film)

The Megahospital is not your usual nurses-doctors-patients dramolet, but a cinematic and realistic narrative about Europe's largest communal hospital, the "Klinikum Nuernberg", with 39 clinics and institutes. 8,000 people work and live there. The film shows how this microcosm works, what is necessary to keep the machinery running; in its impressive dimensions a synergetic system meshing people and technology in diverse ways. The film concentrates on a specialized clinic. Gradually, an institution with an immense infrastructure invisible to the outside world is revealed before the viewer's eyes: Europe's largest hospital laundry, a goods depot of enormous dimensions, an underground labyrinth of utility corridors stretching for miles. An almost endless row of operating theaters with simultaneous operations going on.

The Megahospital resumes a documentary tradition of institutional analyses, films that try to make transparent social institutions which have become incomprehensible for the individual.

Hans Andreas Guttner completed Theater, Journalism and Law Studies in Vienna and Munich. With his production company Sisyphos Film, he has made numerous films for cinema and television. In 1985 he initiated the Munich International Documentary Film Festival. His works include: Labyrinth (1976), Kiosk (1977), the award-winning five-part series Europe - A Transnational Dream (1979-1996), The Kings of the Whole Wide World (1983), Fuersprecher (1986), Eine Erfolgsgeschichte (1990), Die Fuhre (1991), A Candle for the Madonna (1996), Weichen fuer die Zukunft(2002), Die Megaklinik (2004), and the \"Turkish Trilogy\" The Bazaar of Urfa (2006), The Tailor Boy of Urfa (2008), Happy Journey (2009), and Sean Scully: Art Comes From Need (2010).
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2004
Director Hans Andreas Guttner
Screenplay Hans Andreas Guttner, Werner Petermann
Cinematography Ralph Klamert
Jean André
Lars Kurz
Cast Christian Bornhof, Guenter Vorwerk, Reimund Walther
Producer Jutta Malin
Production Company Sisyphos Film/Munich, in co-production with Bayerischer Rundfunk
Length 90 min
Format color
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby
Festivals Amsterdam 2004, MipDOC 2005, Marseille 2005
German Distributor Sisyphos Film/Munich

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