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Man Under Suspicion (Morgen in Alabama)

At an election meeting, shots are fired. A young man in the middle of the crowd is arrested. The only reason he gives for the shooting is that he wanted to make a mark. A lawyer, who is currently in the news as the defense counsel of a child murderer, is appointed to take on the young man’s case. But at first he does not get anywhere with his client. It is only when the young man’s sister arrives on the scene that he begins to take a serious interest in the case. A press photographer and a TV journalist draw his attention to a strange phenomenon. His client maintains he is the only person involved in the shooting, whereas in fact he is not. All the signs seem to indicate that he is a member of a neo-Nazi group who incited him to commit the crime.

Norbert Kueckelmann was born in 1930 in Munich and studied Law in Munich and Mainz. During his time as a legal intern, he also worked as a writer and film critic for various radio stations. He has had his own law practice since 1958. In 1965, he co-founded the Kuratorium junger deutscher Film together with Alexander Kluge and Hans Rolf Strobel. He is co-owner of the production company FFAT with Peter Lilienthal. He directed his first feature film Die Sachverstaendigen in 1972. His other films include: Die Schiessuebung (TV, 1974), Die Angst ist ein zweiter Schatten (1975), Die letzten Tage der Kindheit (1979), Man Under Suspicion (Morgen in Alabama, 1984), Schweinegeld (1988), Abgetrieben (TV, 1992), Alle haben geschwiegen (TV, 1996), Portrait of a Judge (Portrait eines Richters, TV, 1997), Verlorene Kinder (TV, 1999), and Ich hab es nicht gewollt - Anatomie eines Mordfalles (TV, 2002).
Genre Thriller, Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 1984
Director Norbert Kueckelmann
Screenplay Norbert Kueckelmann, Thomas Petz, Dagmar Kekulé
Cinematography Jürgen Jürges
Cast Maximilian Schell, Lena Stolze, Wolfgang Kieling, Robert Atzorn
Production Company FFAT/Munich
Length 126 min
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
Festivals Berlin 1984
Awards Silver Bear Berlin 1984, German Film Award in Silver 1984