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Last Journey, The (Letzte Reise, Die)

Last Journey, The
Scene from "The Last Journey"

"Death is but a reflection of life." Walter Victor

In the last minutes of Charlotte Penno's life, her daughter caresses her hand and sings her favorite song. The noise from the street below penetrates through the window. Lying on her bed with her eyes closed, the intravenous infusion drips slowly into the woman's arm. Her breathing patterns become irregular, until they finally fade away.

The hospital room is the point of departure for a journey that a person will begin on this day. A trip for which there is no return.
Genre Art
Category Documentary, Short
Year of Production 2002
Directors Jana Matthes, Andrea Schramm
Cinematography Fariba Nilchian
Ingo Roeske
Producer Jochen Alexander Freydank
Production Companies Mephisto Film/Berlin, Schramm-Matthes Film, Berlin
Length 35 min
Format 35 mm, b&w
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
Festivals Montreal 2002

World Sales
Mephisto Film
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