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Killerbees (Bienen, Die - Toedliche Bedrohung)

Scene from “Killerbees” (photo © Sat.1/Wasabi Film/Trixter)

Killerbees involves a race against time as young doctor Karla searches for the serum to save her desperately ill father who has been stung by one of the little buzzers. Aided by the charming biologist Ben, they stumble upon the origins of the deadly creatures, the work of entomologist Dr. Alvarez who now uses all means possible to stop them from revealing what he’s done. To make matters worse, Karla and Ben are also now wanted by the police, who are about to take some drastic and potentially catastrophic action of their own...

Michael Karen began his career as an actor and radio reporter before making his first short Die Loosers in 1986. He followed this with various jobs on documentaries, a six-month stay in Los Angeles, and directing for television in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He attended the Frank Daniel script workshop and Robert McKee\'s story structure seminar and directed the musical The Little Shop of Horrors in Duesseldorf in 1995. Apart from writing many scripts for film and television, a selection of his directing credits include: Im Namen des Gesetzes (TV, 1994), So ist das Leben - Die Wagenfelds (TV, 1995), Parkhotel Stern (TV, 1996), Die Diebin (TV, 1997), Verfuehrt - eine gefaehrliche Affaere (TV, 1998), Alarm fuer Cobra 11 -Die Autobahnpolizei (TV, 1999), Flashback (1999), SOS - The Bunnyguards on Board (Erkan & Stefan - Der Tod kommt krass, 2005), Arme Millionaer (TV, 2006), Summerhill (2007), Pro7 Funny Movies - Halloween Horror Hostel (2007), and Killerbees (Die Bienen - Toedliche Bedrohung, 2008).
Genre Adventure, Environment/Ecology, Thriller

Year of Production 2008
Director Michael Karen
Screenplay Nicole Bujard, Uli Bujard, Annette Simon
Cinematography Jochen Staeblein
Stefan Essl
Ina Kirchhoff
Cast Janin Reinhardt, Stephan Luca, Klaus J. Behrendt, Sonja Kirchberger, Paula Schramm, Patrick von Blume, Rolf Kanies
Producers Martin Kircher, Hendrik Feil
Production Company Wasabi Film/Munich, in co-production with SAT.1/Berlin
Length 92 min
Format Super 16, color
Original Version
With backing from FilmFernsehFonds Bayern
German Distributor SevenOne International/Unterföhring

World Sales
SevenOne International GmbH
Medienallee 7
85774 Unterföhring/Germany
phone +49-89-95 07 23 20
fax +49-89-95 07 23 21