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Heaven's Meadow. The Small Wonders of Baan Gerda (Himmelswiese, Die. Die kleinen Wunder von Baan Gerda)

Heaven's Meadow. The Small Wonders of Baan Gerda
Scene from "Heaven's Meadow" (photo © GTMA)

"Death is never a welcome guest. It can be cruel, a release, or as tender as a child's kiss. Death has its place in God's universal order. But that doesn't mean we have to accept its every whim."

How can a film about AIDS orphans uplift your spirit? There will be 24 millions AIDS orphans by 2010. Their life expectancy will be less then 12 years. Baan Gerda, a special purpose village in Thailand, provides a unique alternative that shows what true care and real love can achieve. Watch lives being transformed in Heaven’s Meadow.

A moving story about AIDS orphans who were supposed to die. A film that places HIV/AIDS firmly within the wheel of life.

Detlev F. Neufert began his career making documentaries for German television and made short films about pop stars, including Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa and Patti Smith. His feature TAKE AWAY THE NIGHT (1982) screened in Cannes' Un Certain Regard. Also active as an author, he contributes to various international travel magazines. His films include: HEAVEN'S MEADOW, DANCING ON HEAVEN'S MEADOW, TONG FIGHTS - WINNING HEAVEN (short), FRESH FAMILEE - COMIN' FROM RATINGA, SABAI, SABAI DEUTSCHLAND (short), FAMILIENLEBEN (short), AUF DER SUCHE NACH DEN DEUTSCHEN - REISE IN DIE SEELE EINER NATION, WANDERJAHRE ODER DIE SEELE DES TROMMLERS. FRANK KÖLLGES, THOMAS KLING. EIN DICHTER AUS DEUTSCHLAND (short), MARSEILLAISE, DEUTSCHLANDLED UND KAISERHYME, MACHT UND BESCHEIDENHEIT (short), and B.B. AND THE SCHOOL BY THE RIVER.
Genre Culture, Educational
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2005
Director Detlev F. Neufert
Screenplay Detlev F. Neufert
Cinematography Inigo Westmeier
Jana Teuchert
Andy Groll
Producers Detlev F. Neufert, Paleologos Koukouvelis
Production Company GTMA German Thai Media Association
Length 92 min
Format color
Dubbed Versions Thai, English, German, French, Bhutanese, Djermain, Haussa
Original Version
Subtitled Version Chinese
Sound Technology Stereo
Festivals Guangzhou 2005
German Distributor GTMA German Thai Media Association

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Zellerhornstr 15
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