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Guy Like Dieter - Native Of Golzow, A (Ein Mensch wie Dieter - Golzower)

Guy Like Dieter - Native Of Golzow, A

When the children of Golzow first came to school in 1961, Dieter was already there. Fate had not been kind to him, the boy with the face that couldn't conceal anything, though Dieter never played on his misfortune. Throughout his life, this cheerful, go-getter person always made the best of what was dished out to him. Dieter comes from one of Golzow's large families. The eldest of six children, he grew up on an Oderbruch-farm or, as he puts it, in the wilds. After eighth grade he left school, trained as carpenter, and was then called up for military service.
After the end of the Vietnam war Dieter wanted to dive for mines in Hai-Phong harbour or even to become a sailor in the merchant navy. He did neither.

Dieter fathered a daughter, got married, became a city-dweller and earned his living through carpentry. But a few years later he was again gripped by wanderlust when he was sold to West Germany as cheap labour.

Winfried Junge was born in 1935 in Berlin. After studies in German at the Humboldt University in Berlin, he transferred to the German Film Academy in Potsdam-Babelsberg in 1954. Graduating in 1958, he began work at the DEFA studios. A selection of his films includes: When I Finally Go to School (Wenn ich erst zur Schule geh', 1961), Observations in a First Class (Nach einem Jahr, 1962), Eleven Years Old (Elf Jahre alt, 1966), Anmut sparet nicht noch Muehe (1979), the FIPRESCI Award-winning Lebenslaeufe (1981), Diese Golzower - Umstandsbestimmung eines Ortes (1984), Drehbuch: Die Zeiten (1992), The Life of Juergen from Golzow (Das Leben des Juergen von Golzow, 1994), The Story of Uncle Willy from Golzow (Die Geschichte des Onkel Willy aus Golzow, 1995), Was geht euch mein Leben an. Elke (1996), Da habt ihr mein Leben. Marieluise (1997), Brigitte & Marcel (1998), A Guy Like Dieter - Native of Golzow (Ein Mensch wie Dieter - Golzower, 1999), Jochen - A Golzower from Philadelphia (2001), Actually, I Wanted to Be a Forester - Bernd from Golzow (Eigentlich wollte ich Foerster werden - Bernd aus Golzow, 2006), and If They Haven't Passed Away... The Children of Golzow (Und wenn sie nicht gestorben sind... Die Kinder von Golzow, 2006).

Barbara Junge was born in 1943 in Neunhofen and graduated from Karl-Marx-University in Leipzig as an English and Russian translator. From 1969 she worked at the DEFA studio for documentary film in charge of foreign language versions. Since 1978 she has been the archivist of the Golzow-project, has edited all of Winfried Junge's films since 1983 and since 1993 has also co-directed.
Genre Biopic
Category Documentary
Year of Production 1999
Directors Winfried Junge, Barbara Junge
Cinematography Hans-Eberhard Leupold, Harald Klix
Barbara Gummert
Gerhard Rosenfeld
Cast Dieter Finger
Producer Klaus-Dieter Schmutzer
Production Company à jour Film/Berlin, in co-production with ORB/Potsdam, SWR/Stuttgart, SR, DEFA Foundation/Berlin
Length 122 min
Format 35 mm, color, b&w
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Festivals Berlin 2000 (Forum)
With backing from BKM
German Distributor PROGRESS Film-Verleih/Berlin

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Christel Jansen
Friedrichstr. 55a
10117 Berlin/Germany
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