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Great Water, The

Great Water, The
Scene from "The Great Water" (photo © Suki Medencevic)

World War II has just ended. Young Lem, like so many war orphans, is caught by communist soldiers and taken to the children's orphanage. This is where his true hardship begins.

The orphanage is in fact an ideological labor camp where the children of the “enemies of the revolution” are brought to be ideologically reprogrammed. Here, in the spirit of the Great Revolution, the deeds of the Communist Party are glorified and order and discipline rule the day.

However even this dungeon has its secrets and Lem has a premonition that something unusual is about to happen. A mysterious and charismatic looking boy, Isaac, arrives and from the very beginning it is clear that he is somebody special, the first one with the courage to question authority and stoically endure the brutal consequences of such actions.

Lem is intrigued by the mystique that surrounds Isaac and feels that this boy might be the solution for his desperation. He sets out to create a bond of friendship with Isaac as his only chance for survival. From this moment on, nothing in the orphanage will be as before.
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 2004
Director Ivo Trajkov
Screenplay Vladimir Blazevski, Ivo Trajkov
Cinematography Suki Medencevic
Atanas Georgiev
Kiril Dzajkovski
Cast Saso Kekenovski, Meto Jovanovski, Maja Stankovska, Mitko Apostolovski
Producers Ivo Trajkov, Vladimir Chrenovsky, Robert Jazzidziski, Suki Medencevic, Milo Arsovski
Production Companies The World Circle Foundation/Prague, Kaval Films/Skopje, Castor Productions/Los Angeles, Artis 3/Skopje, in co-production with Lara Entertainment/Duesseldorf, Award Entertainment/Skopje
Length 90 min
Format 35 mm, color
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby Digital
Festivals AFI Los Angeles 2004
With backing from Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia, State Fund for Support & Development of Czech Cinematography

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