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photo © Yilmaz Arslan Film/Jean-Francois Hensgens

Semo, a Kurdish immigrant and pimp living in Germany, offers to pay for his younger brother Azad to come and join him. Reluctantly, Azad accepts his brother's offer and makes the long journey from his poverty-stricken homeland. He moves in to an asylum for refugees where, amidst hopeless squalor he befriends Ibo, an eleven-year-old Kurdish orphan. A powerful and tender bond grows between the two boys, but the odds are against them.

Ahmet and Zeki are young second-generation Turks. Frustrated, unemployed, alienated from their heritage and with no place in German society, their anger simmers at fever pitch. Meanwhile they devote themselves to petty crime and their savage pit bulls. When these four doomed exiles meet, their encounter unleashes a nightmarish cycle of violence they believed they had left behind.

Boasting astonishing performances from a largely non-professional cast, FRATRICIDE is an explosive tale of desperate conflict and bloody revenge, a savage, furious, and heartbreaking portrait of raw humanity struggling for safety, for dignity, for survival in the face of violence, exile and the brutal indifference of a society that wants no part of them.
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 2005
Director Yilmaz Arslan
Screenplay Yilmaz Arslan
Cinematography Jean-Francois Hensgens
André Bendocchi-Alves
Evgueni Galperine
Régine Constant
Cast Buelent Bueyuekasik, Nuretin Celik, Erdal Celik, Xewat Gectan, Taies Farzan
Producers Yilmaz Arslan, Donato Rotunno, Eddy Géradon-Luyckx, Eric Tavitian
Production Companies Tarantula/Luxembourg, Tarantula/Paris, Yilmaz Arslan Film/Mannheim, in co-production with Rhône-Alps Cinéma/Lyon
Length 96 min
Format 35 mm, color
Original Version
Subtitled Versions English, French, German
Festivals Locarno 2005 (In Competition), Plus Cameraimage 2011
Awards Silver Leopard Locarno 2005
With backing from MFG Baden-Württemberg, Hessische Rundfunk Filmfoerderung (HFF-HR), MEDIA, Rhone-Alpes Cinema, Filmfund Luxembourg, Cinegate

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