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Erotic Tales: Powers (Erotic Tales: Powers - Magische Kraefte)

Erotic Tales: Powers

Peter has a dream job. He's a popular magician in a posh Prague nightclub, whose act draws more applause than the strippers. He's got an eye-catching assistant who is ready and willing to cuddle his frayed nerves whenever necessary. But he's also got Sylvia on his neck: a pert, scatterbrained sister who forgets that a toss in the hay may just be worth a wedding ring. Things take a turn for the better - or worse? - when he discovers that he possesses extra - let's say, supernatural - powers that enable him to see into the future, hear music by rubbing his fingers over a CD, and God knows what. The problem? Peter can't control anything anymore like he used to - neither his magic act, nor his love life, nor his sister's latest erotic fantasy.

Petr Zelenka , born in 1967, studied Scriptwriting from 1986-1991 at the Prague Film School, FAMU. From June 1990 and March 1991, he worked as a script editor at the Barrandov Film Studios and for BBC-London on the 50-minute program Czech Mate. From 1990-1996, four of his original television screenplays were produced by Czech Television. His directorial debut Mnága-Happy End (1996) won an award at Cottbus in 1996 and The Golden Kingfisher at Pilsen and was shown in cinemas in Germany and Holland. Buttoners (1997), his second feature, has become a major Czech cult film of the decade, winning many local and international awards. Loners (2000), for which he contributed idea and script, is a box office hit in the Czech Republic and was recently awarded with the FIPRESCI Prize as well as the Ecumenical Jury Prize at Mannheim-Heidelberg.
Genre Erotic
Category Short
Year of Production 2000
Director Petr Zelenka
Screenplay Petr Zelenka
Cinematography Miro Gabor
Vladimir Barak
Here, Nasrot, Slut, Freak Parade
Cast Tomas Pavelka, Nela Boudova, Ivan Trojan
Producer Regina Ziegler, in co-production with WDR
Length 29 min
Format 35 mm, color
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Festivals Cottbus 2000, Mannheim-Heidelberg 2000, Rotterdam 2001, Singapore 2001, Buenos Aires 2001, Karlovy Vary 2001, Montreal 2001, and others

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