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Scene from "Emil und die Detektive" (photo courtesy of Filmmuseum Berlin/Deutsche Kinemathek)

Emil is sent from the country to Berlin to bring his grandmother 140 Marks that his mother has been saving. But on the train, he is tricked and poisoned by a thief who steals all his money. Once he arrives in Berlin, he follows the bad guy and makes friends with another young boy in Berlin, who calls together all the children in the neighborhood to join in. They work out a plan, observe the thief night and day and finally lead him straight into the arms of the police. It turns out that the thief is in fact a long sought after bank robber, who has a reward of 1000 Marks being offered for his capture, which Emil proudly takes home to his mother.

Gerhard Lamprecht was born in 1897 and died in 1974 in Berlin. At the age of 16, he had his screenwriting debut. He studied Art History and Dramatics and took acting classes. He was also internationally well-known as a film historian and collector. Until 1970, he worked on the 11-volume complete catalog of German Silent Movies, which with over 5000 pages is considered the most authoritative work on silent films between the years 1903 - 1931. A selection of his 54 films includes: Die Buddenbrooks (1923), Die Verrufenen (1925), Menschen untereinander (1926), Die Unehelichen (1926), Der Katzensteg (1927), Emil und die Detektive (1931), Madame Bovary (1937), Der Spieler (1938), Madame Turandot (1934), and Irgendwo in Berlin (1946), among others.
Category Feature
Year of Production 1931
Director Gerhard Lamprecht
Screenplay Paul Franck, Billy Wilder
Cinematography Werner Brandes
Allan Gray
Werner Schlichting
Cast Hubert Schmitz, Hans Joachim Schaufuss, Olga Engl, Rudolf Biebrach, Fritz Rasp, Rolf Wenkhaus, Kaethe Haack, Hans Richter
Producer Guenther Stapenhorst
Production Company Ufa/Berlin
Length 75 min
Format 35 mm, b&w
Original Version
Sound Technology Mono
Festivals Arras 2014, Zlín 2015
German Distributor MFA+ FilmDistribution/Regensburg

World Sales
MFA FilmDistribution GmbH