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Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 04/2017

Two women, friends in the middle of their lives. But the business of everyday has kept them at a distance. Now they want to reconnect with something that once was, but is no longer. One of the women has made herself comfortable in a neoliberal life and lifestyle, the other has become lost pursuing an academic career without a future. Decisions have been made.

While on a walking holiday together in the Czech mountains it is not only the near-impassable terrain that keeps pulling them off their joint route, but also jealousy, fear and shame.

ELLA & NELL is a gentle, nostalgically funny story about friendship and inexorable decay.
Genre Road Movie
Category Feature
Director Aline Chukwuedo
Screenplay Aline Chukwuedo, Sabina Gröner
Cinematography Sebastian Lempe
Cast Stefanie Petrowitz, Kirsten Schlüter, Christian Schäfer
Producer Ibrahim-Utku Erdogan
Co-Producers Kordula Hildebrandt, Marco Nieschka
Production Company Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB), in co-production with Chokofilms - Aline Chukwuedo, HILDEBRANDT FILM
Shooting Dates September 2016
Festivals Rotterdam 2018, BAFICI 2018, Sao Paulo 2018, Poitiers 2018

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