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What is reality and what is imagination? Who defines the boundaries? A gifted pianist plays piano. The piano reflects the pianist’s emotion, exploding every dimension. As does the emotion: the man misses his daughter, is no longer allowed to see her. Had the man seen a doctor, however, he would most likely have been diagnosed with a psychosis. Would, should, could. He lives on the street. The mother is worried as the man who was once her husband sinks ever deeper. What kind of world is this that puts a smile on his face while inspiring nothing but fear in her? The daughter has no fear. All that remains is longing.

In DISSONANCE, reality and fantasy merge, flow into one another. 3D animation and live action become one. An odyssey through time and space. A modern fairytale.
Genre Animation, Drama
Category Short
Year of Production 2015
Director Till Nowak
Screenplay Till Nowak
Cinematography Iván Robles Mendoza
Cast Nina Petri, Roland Schupp, Hannah Heine, Klaus Zehrfeld, Leslie Barany, Mirko Thiele
Producer Till Nowak
Production Company frameboX/Hamburg
Runtime 17 min
Format color, cs
 English, German
Festivals Berlinale 2015 (In Competition), Cleveland 2015, Brussels Short Film Festival 2015, Aspen Shortsfest 2015, Riverrun 2015, Dresden 2015, Busan 2015, Rome Independent Film Festival 2015, Annecy 2015 (In Competition), Edinburgh 2015, Krakow 2015, Short Shorts Tokyo 2015, Cinema Jove Valencia 2015, Guanajuato 2015, Anima Mundi Brazil 2015, Montreal 2015, BFI London 2015, Animatou Geneva 2015, Montreal Nouveau Cinema 2015, Gent 2015, Timishort Timişoara 2015, Cork 2015, Athens 2015, Molodist Kiev 2015, Sevilla European Film Festival 2015, Brest 2015, Tehran 2015, Flickerfest Sydney 2016, Tampere 2016, Saguenay 2016, Go Short Nijmegen 2016, Krakow 2016, Vila do Conde 2016, Jerusalem 2016, Pula 2016, Palic 2016, Encounters Bristol 2016, Uppsala 2016, Winterthur 2016, Alcine 2016, Tallinn Black Nights 2016, Bogoshorts 2016, Brussels Short Film Festival 2017
Awards Best Short Film Berlinale Nominee for the European Film Awards 2015, Best Animation Aspen 2015, Don Quixote Award Krakow 2015, Best Original Music Award for a Short Film Annecy 2015, Grand Prix Best Short Film Anima Mundi 2015
With backing from Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein

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