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photo © Summerstorm Entertainment

Berlin celeb hair dresser Tom Herzner falls in love with Heidi, the quirky owner of a neighborhood hair salon. So far so good. Only one problem: Tom is gay.

Tom Herzner is attractive, glamorous, and gay: the personification of the cosmopolitan self-confidence that made Berlin hip. He runs an elegant men's salon with his own new product line.

At a photo shoot, he bumps into unconventional Heidi, owner of a local beauty parlor, who not only volunteers her thoughts on Tom's products and style, but agrees with Sam from the cosmetics company, that everything focuses too much on men. Sam urges Tom to launch a women's shampoo.

Tom says he knows nothing about women and what they want. Sam tells him to find out - quickly. Otherwise, Tom and his boyfriend and partner Robert will be saddled with the start-up costs for the product line. Robert accompanies Sam to New York to close the deal, leaving Tom to do research at Heidi’s salon, Bel Hair, on his new target group - women.

Heidi gives Tom a butch makeover and renames him Horst. And it isn't long before he realises what he's feeling for Heidi isn't entirely platonic, nor entirely gay, for that matter....

Marco Kreuzpaintner was born in Rosenheim in 1977. After studying Art History, he worked as an assistant to Edgar Reitz and Peter Lilienthal. Also active as a writer, his films include: BREAKING LOOSE (2003), SUMMER STORM (2004), TRADE (2007), KRABAT (2008), COMING IN (2014), the series BEAT (2018), and THE COLLINI CASE (2019).
Genre Romantic Comedy
Category Feature
Year of Production 2014
Director Marco Kreuzpaintner
Screenplay Marco Kreuzpaintner, Jane Ainscough
Cinematography Daniel Gottschalk
Cast Kostja Ullmann, Aylin Tezel, Ken Duken, August Zirner, André Jung, Mavie Hörbiger, Denis Moschitto, Hanno Koffler, Bruno Eyron, Tilo Prückner, Hildegard Schmahl, Frederick Lau, Paula Riemann, Katja Riemann
Producers Gabriela Bacher, Christoph Müller, Christian Angermayer
Production Company Summerstorm Entertainment/Berlin, in co-production with Warner Bros. Entertainment
Length 104 min
Format DCP, color, cs
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
With backing from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, German Federal Film Board, German Federal Film Fund
German Distributor Warner Bros. Pictures

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