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Borovitchi (Borowitschi)


Borovitchi - Russian provincial town, about half way between Moscow and St. Petersburg, a little off the main track. 60,000 inhabitants, yet a rather rural way of life. Small dealers in the market place: "Help us, oh Lord, to sell! There used to be some industry in the Soviet times, now what counts are the potatoes in your basement. Thank God, a good potato year! The head of the police has 45 sacks. The pride of the army: home-made pickles and preserves in the cellar of a former monastery. Felt boots are being made in one of the last factories. Winter may come.

Viola Stephan was born in Heidelberg and studied Slavic Languages and East European History in Berlin and London. She has also lived in New York since 1977 and studied Film at New York University. She has made documentaries since 1980, particularly in the USA and Russia. Her films include: Mit dem Verstand ist Ru§land nicht zu fassen (1981), Liebe am Nachmittag (1982), Vchutemas (1984), Kuenstler in Moskau (1984), American Aristocracy (Adel auf amerikanisch, 1985), Creative Pricing (Kunstgeschaefte, 1986), Das Geschaeft mit der oeffentlichen Meinung (1987), Bronzezeit (1988), Ein Amerikaner in Moskau (1989), Die Reise von Petersburg nach Moskau (1991), Komm mit mir nach Georgia (1992), Kriegsende (1992), Slask - Schlesien (1994), Borovitchi (Borowitschi, 1996)und Damenwahl - Szenen aus dem Abendland (1999).
Category Documentary
Year of Production 1996
Director Viola Stephan
Screenplay Victor Kossakovsky
Cinematography Victor Kossakovsky
Vessela Martschewski
Producer Viola Stephan
Production Company Viola Stephan Film-produktion, in co-production with WDR, SWF/Baden-Baden
Length 98 min
Format 35 mm, b&w
Original Version
Subtitled Versions German, English
Sound Technology Optical
Festivals Nyon 1996, Schwerin 1996, Potsdam 1996, Karlovy Vary 1996, Hof 1996, New York: Margret Mead 1996, Biberach 1996, Filmschau Baden-Wuerttemberg 1996, Rotterdam 1997, Gothenburg 1997
With backing from Cultural Funding of Baden-Wuerttemberg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
German Distributor Arsenal Film Verleih/Tübingen