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Blind Cow, The (blinde Kuh, Die)

Blind Cow, The

Berlin - On 23 May 1994, there was an awful goof in several transmission areas of First German Television. At 20.00 on the dot, a swastika, the station logo of the "Grossdeutscher Bildfunk" had appeared for a short time on millions of screens instead of the Tagesschau. An old man spoke some confused sentences and an excited young researcher claimed that the history of German technology had to be rewritten. The circumstances of this "fluke transmission" have remained in the dark until now. Nevertheless, it is known that the mysterious ghostly images were supposed to have originated from the catacombs of a Russian garrison in Brandenburg. From there, they must have been fed via a military satellite into the TV network of Deutsche Telekom! There is a persistent rumour going around that a film team has long been on the tracks of a secret media plot which is quite clearly linked to the "Tagesschau scandal".

Niklaus Schilling was born in Basel in 1944 and his first attempts at film come from 1961. He has a self-taught approach to professional film and made TV reportages for ABC and ITN. He has lived and worked in the Federal Republic of Germany since 1965 and been a cameraman on over 20 shorts and 6 long features. He directed his first full-length feature film - Nachtschatten - in 1971 and has worked since then on other features (draft, screenplay, direction, editing, also occasionally cameraman). From 1981, he started ongoing experiments with video and computer technology (\"electronic cinema\"). In 1978, he received the German Film Prize for Rheingold (1977), the 1980 Max-Ophuels-Preis for Der Willi-Busch-Report (1979), etc. His films include: Die Vertreibung aus dem Paradies (1976), Der Westen leuchtet! (1981/82), Die Frau ohne Koerper und der Projektionist (1983), Dormire (1984/85), The Spirit, (Der Atem, 1987/89), Deutschfieber (1991/92), and The Blind Cow (Die blinde Kuh, 1994/95).
Genre Drama
Category Docu-Fiction
Year of Production 1996
Director Niklaus Schilling
Screenplay Niklaus Schilling
Cinematography Niklaus Schilling
Niklaus Schilling
Andrew McKenzie, Transparent Musik, The Staff Band of the Westgroup Russian Forces in Germany
Cast Mari Cantu, Luc Feit, Asad Schwarz, Wolfgang Greese
Producer Elke Haltaufderheide
Production Company Visual Filmproduktion/Berlin, in co-production with WDR, Bayerischer Rundfunk, ORB/Brandenburg
Length 115 min
Format 35 mm, color
Original Version
Sound Technology Mono
With backing from FKT, Filmbuero NW, Filmbuero Brandenburg

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Visual Filmproduktion
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