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Black Curse, The (Schwarze Fluch, Der)

Black Curse, The

Reporter Jenny and her colleague Rick are researching into the murder of seven people on a South American island. She meets Charles Marlowe, who has a strange similarity to her husband killed in a bomb explosion, and falls in love with him. Marlowe's wife Inka spins a deadly web of intrigue, forcing her husband to sentence Jenny to death. As Charles Marlowe tries desperately to save Jenny, he himself becomes a pawn in a dramatic game ...

Otto W. Retzer , born in Carinthia in 1945 and a Munich resident, entered the film industry in 1970 as a location manager. In the last thirteen years, he was location manager, production manager or assistant director on more than 60 films. After his first success at directing with Babystrich im Sperrbezirk in 1983, he made his second feature Bei Anruf Liebe in 1984 and followed it the same year with Her mit den kleinen Schweinchen. 1993/94: Das Paradies am Ende der Berge (At the Edge of Paradise) and Tieraerztin Christine (Christine). 1994: Der schwarze Fluch
Genre Thriller
Category Feature
Year of Production 1995
Director Otto W. Retzer
Screenplay Julia Kent
Cinematography Marc Prill
Norbert Herzner
M Hofmann de Boer
Cast Julia Kent, James Brolin, Deborah Shelton, Brent Huff
Producer Karl Spiehs
Production Company LISA-Film/Munich
Length 94 min
Format 16 mm, color
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