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Berlin- You Stranger, You Beauty: A Cycle in Seven Films 1995-2001 (Berlin - Du Fremde, Du Schoene: Ein Zyklus in sieben Filmen 1995-2001)

Berlin- You Stranger, You Beauty: A Cycle in Seven Films 1995-2001

Berlin - You Stranger, You Beauty portraits, in seven films, the city of Berlin from 1995-2001, a city in the midst of great change, like no other city in the world. Heinrich Zille, Berlin's great artist and photographer, wouldn't recognize "his Berlin" anymore, it simply doesn't exist. Seen from seven different perspectives, the films show old remnants of the city, how the most famous square in the world then became Europe's largest construction site, music and street culture and the ever changing cultural and artistic face of the city.
The author doesn't describe the exotic beauty of distant islands, but rather the surrounding view of the city as seen through the eye of the camera, which - broken through history, stories, and the many construction sites - suddenly appears as a strange beauty.
Genre Art, Educational, History, Music
Category Docu-Fiction
Year of Production 1995
Director Manfred Wilhelms
Screenplay Manfred Wilhelms
Cinematography Manfred Wilhelms
Manfred Wilhelms
Producer Manfred Wilhelms
Production Company Lassoband-Filmproduktion/Berlin
Length 770 min
Format 16 mm
Original Version
Sound Technology Mono
Sound Technology Mono, Stereo
With backing from Hauptstadt Kulturfonds

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Manfred Wilhelms
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