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Ballad of Ecki and Robert, The (Schrott)

Ballad of Ecki and Robert, The

The shy taxi-driver Robert dreams of a career as a racing driver. His great dream finally looks like becoming reality when he meets the charismatic ex-racing driver Ecki. But Ecki is building his own car and financing it through some crooked deals. A close friendship develops between the two, but is unavoidably coloured by their different backgrounds. The day comes, though, when Robert is sitting in a racing car and driving towards an inevitable fate.

Axel Hildebrand was born in Berlin in 1968 and studied Communications and Sociology from 1988-1990. He has worked as a freelance cameraman, editor and director of TV magazine features as well as location manager for feature films and commercials. He also served as an assistant director on E.B. Clucher's Trinity & Pokerface and worked as a story editor and screenwriter for Rialto Film. His films include the shorts Somebody, Fool On The Hill, Red Roses, Der Tag des Pinguins, the documentary Rennschnecken and numerous commercials. He made his feature directorial debut with The Ballad of Ecki and Robert (Schrott) in 1998.

Year of Production 1998
Director Axel Hildebrand
Screenplay Axel Hildebrand
Cinematography David Slama
Susanne Peuscher
Ralf Goldkind
Cast Uwe Ochsenknecht, Volker Schlöndorff, Boris Aljinovic, Anna Böttcher, Luci van Org, Gerry Wolff, Anja Franke
Producers Susan Nielebock, Henry Nielebock
Production Company Kruemel Film/Berlin
Length 90 min
Format 35 mm, color
Original Version
Sound Technology Dolby SR

World Sales
Kruemel Film GmbH
Susan Nielebock, Henry Nielebock
Fasanenstrasse 13
10623 Berlin/Germany
phone +49-30-3 12 08 43
fax +49-30-3 12 90 11