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Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 04/2019

In six new episodes BAD BANKS Season 2 narrates how the financial world is reinventing itself six months on from the crisis. Toughened regulations make business extremely hard going for the merged German Global Invest bank. For Christelle Leblanc (Désirée Nosbusch), the new head of investments, the longed for rise to a seat on the board is now more distant than ever. Meanwhile in Frankfurt things are not going exactly to plan for Jana Liekam (Paula Beer) either. But at least she has long since got her team lined up and is good to go, and whilst the old banking world is still on only half power, the young financial sector is experiencing a fundamental and radical change in the shape of small, nimble, start-ups and FinTechs.
Genre Drama, Thriller
Category Series
Director Christian Zübert
Screenplay Oliver Kienle
Cast Paula Beer, Barry Atsma, Desirée Nosbusch, Albrecht Schuch, Mai Duong Kieu, Tobias Moretti, Marc Limpach, Noah Saavedra, Germain Wagner, Jean-Marc Barr
Producer Lisa Blumenberg
Co-Producer Nicolas Steil
Production Company Letterbox Filmproduktion, in co-production with Iris Productions Deutschland, Real Film, ZDF, in cooperation with ARTE
Original Version
Shooting Dates January-April 2019
With backing from German Motion Picture Fund, HessenFilm und Medien, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Film Fund Luxembourg

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