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B-MOVIE is a documentary about music, art and chaos in the wild West Berlin of the 1980s: the walled-in city which became the creative melting pot for the sub and pop culture, attracting ingenious dilettantes and world famous celebrities alike. Before the iron curtain would fall, artists and communards, squatters and hedonists of all kinds would enjoy Berlin's unconventional lifestyle, starting with punk and ending with the Love Parade. It was about living for the moment - the here and now. With mostly unreleased film footage, B -MOVIE tells the story of living in the divided city. It’s a fast-paced collage of stories from a frenzied but creative decade. Mark Reeder - a musician from Manchester - is 22 when he leaves Joy Division's legendary music scene to come to West Berlin, fascinated by German electronic music. As he delves into the urban jungle of the divided city he works as a record label representative, a roadie, a bouncer, musician, manager, sound engineer and even as an actor. Reeder meets them all - the heroes for a day of which David Bowie once sang. And he becomes one of the 100-odd participants of Berlin’s first Love Parade. A few months later, the dreaded Berlin wall comes crashing down and West Berlin is history.
Genre Music
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2015
Directors Jörg A. Hoppe, Klaus Maeck, Heiko Lange
Screenplay Jörg A. Hoppe, Klaus Maeck, Heiko Lange
Cast Mark Reeder
Producers Jörg A. Hoppe, Christoph Post
Co-Producers Klaus Maeck, Heiko Lange
Production Company DEF Media/Berlin, in co-production with Interzone Pictures/Hamburg, Scenes From/Berlin
Length 92 min
Format color, b&w
Original Version
 English, German
Festivals Berlinale 2015, Istanbul 2015, Crossing Europe Linz 2015, Indie Lisboa 2015, Urbanism "86" Ukraine 2015, Filmes de Berlim Rio 2015, Tel Aviv 2015, Beat Film Festival Moscow 2015, In-Edit Sao Paulo 2015, Biografilm Bologna 2015, New Horizons 2015, Melbourne 2015, Athens 2015, Arsindependent Poland 2015, Sensorioa Sheffield 2015, Antenna Documentary Festival 2015, In-Edit Chile 2015, Melbourne 2015, Sarajevo 2015, New Horizons Wroclaw 2015, Palic 2015, Gent 2015, Athens 2015, CPH:DOX 2015, IDFA Amsterdam 2015, Mar del Plata 2015, Dublin 2016, Sofia 2016, Cluj-Napoca 2016
Awards Heiner Carow Prize of the DEFA Foundation 2015
With backing from Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein

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