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Scene from "Ayla" (photo © Barbara Bauriedl)

Ayla is young, beautiful and self-confident. She's also independent and intends to stay that way. But as a Turkish woman in Germany, she has always found herself at the razor-sharp intersection of liberal Western ways and conservative Muslim conventions. Though she's a beloved kindergarten teacher, her night job in a bar, along with her rejection of an arranged marriage, has poisoned her relationship with her father. When Ayla meets the dashing photographer Ayhan, romantic sparks begin to fly, and Ayla feels that he may just be the right man for her. What she doesn't suspect, however, is Ayhan's involvement in a murderous plan to restore his family's honor: his sister Hatice has left her unloved husband in Turkey and is trying to raise her little daughter alone in Germany. Pursued by thugs hired by her own family, Hatice finds refuge with Ayla. Ayhan swears to Ayla that he would never hurt his sister. But when the harassment escalates, Ayla finds within her an unimagined strength...

Su Turhan was born in 1966 in Istanbul. At the age of two he immigrated with his family to Germany. Studying German Language and Literature he graduated from the University of Munich in 1993. He began his career as a self-taught filmmaker in 1998 by writing, directing and producing his first short Der Schluessel. His next film, Gone Underground (2001, DoP Michael Ballhaus), was the first short feature worldwide that was fully shot and post-produced in HD. The film was invited to Sundance and numerous other international festivals. Su Turhan continued writing for several production companies, and worked again with Michael Ballhaus on his third short Triell (2004). He also directed commercials and documentaries for German and international television. The dramatic love story Ayla (2009) is his feature debut.
Genre Drama, Love Story
Category Feature
Year of Production 2009
Director Su Turhan
Screenplay Su Turhan, Beatrice Dossi
Cinematography Florian Schilling
Horst Reiter
Ali N. Askin
Renate Schmaderer
Cast Pegah Ferydoni, Mehdi Moinzadeh, Timur Isik, Tuerkiz Talay, Saskia Vester, Sesede Terziyan
Producers Sven Burgemeister, Andreas Bareiss, Gloria Burkert
Production Company BurkertBareiss Development/Munich, in co-production with SWR, Bayerischer Rundfunk, ARTE, Goldkind Film/Munich for TV60 Film/Munich
Length 86 min
Format 35 mm, color
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby
Festivals Festroia 2010, Rio de Janeiro 2010, Mumbai 2010
With backing from FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, German Federal Film Fund, First Movie Program
German Distributor Zorro Film/Munich

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