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Adventures of Baron Munchausen, The (Muenchhausen)

Adventures of Baron Munchausen, The
Scene from "Muenchhausen" (photo © Filmmuseum Berlin/Deutsche Kinemathek)

Arising from the past, the Baron of Muenchhausen takes on new form in his free-spirited adventures with his loyal servant Kuchenreutter. In a series of wonderful stories, from Braunschweig to St. Petersburg, Muenchhausen attempts to win over the favors of the Empress Katharina, reigns over Prince Potemkin in a duel, and fights regiment commander in Katharina's war against the Turks. But then he is taken captive and inprisoned by the Turks. However due to his amazing storytelling talents, he soon becomes a pet favorite to the Sultan. In one of his original bets, he is able to free the beautiful Princess d'Este and escape with her to Venice, where he runs into Casanova. Finally, Muenchhausen and Kuchenreutter are tempted by the gondola of the Montgolfiere and lifted up to the moon, where Kuchenreutter takes his last breath but Muenchhausen lives on as an eternal character for all time.
Genre Fantasy, Literature
Category Feature
Year of Production 1942
Director Josef von Baky
Screenplay Berthold Buerger
Cinematography Werner Krien
Milo Harbich, Walter Wischniewsky
Georg Haentzschel
Emil Hasler, Otto Guelstorff, Wilhelm Vorwerg, Hans Minzloff, Karl Getschmann, Matthieu Ostermann, Walter Kurz
Cast Hans Albers, Hans Brausewetter, Marina von Ditmar, Kaethe Haack, Brigitte Horney, Ferdinand Marian, Leo Siezak, Hermann Speelmans
Producer Eberhard Schmidt
Production Company Ufa/Berlin
Length 116 min
Format 35 mm, color
Dubbed Versions English
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Optical
Festivals Regus London 2002
German Distributor Transit Film/Munich

World Sales
Transit Film GmbH
Loy W. Arnold, Mark Gruenthal, Susanne Schumann
Dachauer Strasse 35
80335 Munich/Germany
phone +49-89-5 99 88 50
fax +49-89-59 98 85 20;