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The story of the unhappy life of the romantic poet Henrich von Kleist (1777-1811). His last letter to the Prussian State Minister is not dealt with until after his death, he lead his fight against Napolean in written form, his relationships to men are by far more passionate that with women, his engagement was a disaster...

Helma Sanders-Brahms was born in Emden in 1940. She attended the drama school for music and theater in Hanover, and studied German and English Languages in Cologne. She worked as a television announcer for WDR and from 1976-1969 became a guest student with both Pier Paolo Pasolini and Sergio Corbucci. Under the Pavement Lies the Beach became her breakthrough in 1975. Heinrich (1976), her film on the life and death of the German poet Heinrich von Kleist, was awarded the German Film Award in 1977. Her film Germany, Pale Mother (1980) remains an international success today and is one of the classics of German cinema. Her other films include: Shirin\'s Wedding (1975), No Mercy No Future (1981), The Future of Emily (1984), Laputa (1986), Manouevres (1989), Apple Trees (1991), My Heart is Mine Alone (1997), Colour of Soul (2003), and Clara (2008).
Genre History, Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 1977
Director Helma Sanders-Brahms
Cinematography Thomas Mauch
Margot Loehlein, Gabriele Unverdross
Cast Heinrich Giskes, Hannelore Hoger, Grischa Huber, Lina Carstens, Heinz Hoenig, Sigfrit Steiner
Producer Regina Ziegler
Production Company Ziegler Film
Length 136 min
Original Version
Awards German Film Award 1977