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Boje, who is living on the coast with his father Holke, has a lot of questions in his mind that are not that easy to answer. How do I know I love somebody? Where was I before I was born? How do I know I’m not dreaming? Nothing would make Holke happier than answering his son’s complex questions, but he is literally missing the right words. Nonetheless he doesn’t want to leave Boje alone with his questions and eventually turns to the sea for help…

Andreas Cordes studied at the Master School Drehbuch. Active as a screenwriter, he co-founded the production company Lichtspielfarm. BOJE is his directorial debut.

Robert Köhler is active as an actor, screenwriter and producer. BOJE is his directorial debut.
Genre Children & Youth, Drama, Family Entertainment
Category Short
Year of Production 2019
Directors Andreas Cordes, Robert Köhler
Screenplay Andreas Cordes, Robert Köhler
Cinematography Lukas Jung, Patrick Wegener
Cast Phileas Heyblom, Robert Köhler, Iris Berben
Producer Moritz Jahn
Co-Producers Andreas Cordes, Felix Jahn, Robert Köhler
Production Company Lichtspielfarm
Length 10 min
Format DCP, color, cs
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
Awards Drehbuchpreis Schleswig-Holstein 2018
With backing from Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, Kuratorium junger deutscher Film

Renate Zylla (Festival Contact)

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